If you love someone, set them free

23 Jan

teampamteamkaren.jpgSince I have nothing of substance to offer today, I thought I might spotlight five (of the many) blogs filling up my Bookmarks folder. Go on and take ’em for a test drive, I don’t mind. I know they’ll never replace me.

The Obscure Store & Reading Room. Basically a compilation of strange news stories. Consistently updated, always interesting…I steal from this website almost weekly.

Zulkey.com. Personal website/blog of one Claire Zulkey. The ‘diary’ portion of the site is updated daily, but the site’s real selling point is the interviews. I’m none too proud to admit I’ve spent hours on end perusing ’em, reading Claire’s chats with everyone from Nick Hornby to James Frey.

Batgirl. A must-read for anyone interesting in the Twins, lively storytelling and/or finding a faceless female writer crush. I’m batting 1.000 under those criteria, and thus, am recommending Batgirl’s site as a daily visit in the highest order (I’m so worked up I don’t even know if that made sense). But then again, the Batgirl site is uber-popular so you probably already knew all this.

Lindsayism. Short and sweet, often funny. I visit every day without exception. If it helps, Lindsay is the founder of Team Pam (Team Karen founded by the aforementioned Claire) and is a yooge fan of Mr. Show. I’m sold.

Randball. If yer polling me, I’d rate Michael Rand’s blog as “indispensable” for Minnesota sports fans. The only page on the Strib website I check every day without fail, which I feel speaks volumes about where our news media is headed. Or not.


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