Two years later, the booty still hasn't stopped

10 Jan

bootydontstop.jpgSo let me see if I’ve got this story straight…

According to Found Magazine, a few years back, someone in Ypsilanti, Michigan found an old cassette tape (titled “The Booty Don’t Stop”) on the street, popped it into their boombox and discovered an entire tape of “booty-rap anthems.” The tape was submitted to Found’s website and, after turning into a bit of a sensation, Found actually began selling the CD. Recently, the band was discovered to be the Ypsilanti All Stars, run by one Tim Schreiber.

(Minimally interesting thus far.) 

In September of last year, the All Stars appear to have created a MySpace page. A few of the hilarious tracks are featured for your enjoyment, along with a message that Found Magazine is selling the music without Schreiber’s permission. Curiously, while the band’s “The Booty Don’t Stop” CD seemed to be a minor internet sensation, the band’s MySpace page has attracted less than 600 pages views in over 3 months.

(Only slightly more interesting.) 

A month later (October ’06), the gang over at the 826michigan volunteer center held a reading event in Ypsilanti. The evening concluded with Stephen Malkmus (of Pavement), Dave Eggers, et al actually performing an acoustic version of “The Booty Don’t Stop” on stage.

(Interest has perked; doubt creeps in that this may be some sort of an elaborate Eggersian ruse.) 

How do I know this? Because it’s on YouTube, of course, and although the footage is distant and jumpy, the performance is still somewhat mesmerizing. The brilliant lyrics alone are worth your attention.

Go on and watch (song starts about 1:30 in) … and if the feeling hits, be sure to tell your loved one how that booty just don’t stop. Because you really don’t say it enough.


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