The Cooler: preaching procrastination since 2005!

19 Dec

peter_criss.jpgAll sorts of time-wasting goodness floating around on the triple-dub recently, some of which I’ve corralled for you beautiful readers:

>> John Moe penned another of his Pop-Song Correspondences for McSweeney’s, this one entitled “To: Peter Criss; From: Beth.” Hilarious as always. Moe just won’t stop delivering the goods.

>> I’ve been suckling on the comedy teat that is defective yeti for years now, but I somehow missed his spoof “Evite: War on Iraq!” until just recently. Apparently he first posted the joke like four years ago, but it’s still funny today. Go on, check it out.

>> The Mighty MJD is as bored with the low-level college football bowl games as the rest of us, but his imaginary preview of the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl deserves your attention. Teaser: the phrase “I’m not done, dickface” is used at one point.

>> Some of you may have already seen the video of some emo geek who took a photo of himself every day for six years and created a melodramatic montage. It’s fairly interesting, I’ll admit, but not half as interesting as this spoof of the project from the fellas over at Olde English Comedy.

>>  I can all but guarantee you every single person you know will have seen/commented on/sung lines from/played out the following video by week’s end. Yes, it’s the “Special Christmas Box” digital short starring Justin Timberlake from last week’s SNL. (If you want to go all elitist on your friends who mention the video, be sure to say, “yeah, I mean, they obviously just ripped off Three Times One Minus One, but as far as recycled humor goes, I guess it’s not bad.” Because that’s what I’m going to be saying.) Anyway, enjoy.


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  1. As a reminder: the H. is O. at World Of B - January 2, 2007

    […] For your viewing pleasure, I today present you with an SNL clip entitled “The H. is O.”, a digital short created by eventual Anchorman director Adam McKay and starring Will Ferrell, Jimmy “That’s threeeeeeeeee!” Fallon, and Ben Stiller. It’s all kinds of funny, and, along with “Lazy Sunday” and “Dick in a Box,” presents an argument that maybe SNL should just cut out the “Live” portion and focus its efforts excusively on digital shorts. […]

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