“I was told I that could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from 9 until 11.”

28 Nov

thecurrent.gifIn this latest installment of “Endorsed by B,” I’d like to direct your attention to Barb Abney. Abney is a DJ at MPR’s 89.3 The Current, recently hired to take on the 9am until noon shift. Compared to the station’s other DJs, Abney trends toward the populist, combining worthy indie suggestions with well-known artists. For instance, a recent Abney session resulted in songs played by Badly Drawn Boy, Cold War Kids, Tapes N Tapes, Otis Redding and Dressy Bessy.

If you’re looking for a new music source but are turned off by the flurry of unrecognizable tunes that mark most playlists from other DJs on The Current, give Abney a listen. Tuning in from the computer is a breeze: just head to the website, click the Listen Now button and the feed will flow through your Windows Media Player or iTunes (your choice).

And if you write Barb to tell her the WoB introduced you, you’ll get…well, nothing actually. But she might dig me a little bit more, and that’s really what this is all about anyway.



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