Yeah-yeah catfight!

16 Nov

pambeesley.jpgAh, sweeps. In honor of the extra-long episode of The Office tonight…

Two long-time bloggers Claire and Lindsay (who are friends, evidently; probably met at one of those elitist insider blogger parties) recently got into a debate over who Jim should end up with. The exchange got so heated they decided to post an argument on each other’s site. Claire is on Team Karen and Lindsay is on Team Pam. Feel free to share your allegiance in the comments section. Don’t be shy.

(For the record, here is the score in B’s household: I understand the turn off of the girl-next-door, pretty but unsexy “friend” factor vibe Pam emits…but I’d still choose her if I were Jim. Chemistry simply refuses to be ignored. When I asked my roommate Spoon his opinion, he said flatly, “Pam already had her motherfucking chance.” So it looks like we’re knotted up at one here.)

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