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14 Nov

boratthumbsup.jpgThis week’s most essential web reads:

>> In her most recent interview, blogger Claire Zulkey (inadvertently?) helped us all realize the douchebaggery of gossip blogger Perez Hilton. Truth be told, I’ve only visited PH a few times and was unimpressed. The thing reads like a collection of hastily-written e-mail forwards I’d quickly deposit in my Outlook trash. So juvenile. Why even visit that site when The Superficial exists, anyway?

>> The Best Week Ever blog has a video clip of Borat’s appearance on Leno last week. As BWE stated, “watching an uncomfortable Jay Leno try to keep up with this comic genius is too funny for words.” Agreed.

>> I don’t know how, but The Tin Man Has It blog currently has Jay-Z’s entire new album (due out next Tuesday) available to download for free. Fellow cheapskates need to hustle over there before it gets taken down and the blog’s proprietors are murdered in a drive-by. (Oh relax, I’m joking.)

>> Reader Cool Rut sent along the link to this piece from Slate entitled “R.E.M. vs. U2.” I’m firmly in the R.E.M. camp when it comes to music, but regarding more important matters, I’d take Bono’s mullet over Stipe’s clown makeup any day.

>> Anyone still doubting that Junkiness is one of the funniest sites on the entire internet need to look no further than this post. On reports that Sofia Coppola is interested in casting hotties Eva Longoria and Beyonce for a lesbian film: When reached for comment, all of the blood in my body said, “Gang way! I’ve got a penis to engorge!”

Man. I nearly hacked up a lung.


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