miTunes: The Current, July '06

8 Aug

A monthly series with a simple premise: one CD’s worth of the best songs played on 89.3 The Current throughout the month. Two criteria: (1) the songs have to be obscure, underground and/or mostly forgotten, and (2) they must be pop friendly. I wade through The Current’s deep catalog of music (listening to it nearly all day, every day at work) to discover the hidden pop gems. I like to think I have an ear for quality pop music; this series is my supposed evidence.

1. “Priceless” – Soul Position

2. “Why Not Nothing” – Richard Ashcroft

3. “Drink To Moving On” – Grand National

4. “That Old Pair of Jeans” – Fatboy Slim

5. “I Summon You” – Spoon

6. “Shake Your Heart” – Suffrajett

7. “It’s Going Wrong” – Chocolate Genius Inc.

8. “Sista Big Bones” – Anthony Hamilton

9. “Summer Heat” – Unknown Prophets

10. “One Big Love” – Patty Griffin

11. “Smart Went Crazy” – Atmosphere

12. “Tinfoil Hats” – Rocky Votolato

13. “Requiem” – Eliza Gilkyson

14. “Absolute Affirmation” – Radio 4

15. “Kidnapped!” – Robert Skoro

16. “Something You Ain’t Got” – Cracker

17. “The Cosmic Door” – The Crystal Skulls

18. “Japanese Girls” – Robbers on High Street


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