We don’t live here anymore

12 Mar

Oh, hello there. I’ve moved to a new virtual home. Please come visit me over there.

Daily Show segment of the decade

13 Feb

I can’t get the video to embed but it’s here and it’s perfect.

The Riff, ep 33: “#TeamNow or #TeamLater”

13 Feb

Brandon and Tony deliver a spirited round of hoops/Wolves talk. Topics include Jeremy Lin, defending LeBron for the wrong reasons, Pekovic, Webster, DWill, Wolves game recaps, J.R Smith and trade targets.

Direct download here | iTunes here

The Riff, ep 32: “Cruise ship Ting Tings”

13 Feb

After a brief but tragic hiatus, Brandon & Tony return to discuss Whitney Houston, Valentine’s Day plans, car chases, family DUIs, internet-famous band Karmin, the Grammys and more.

Direct download here | iTunes here

Check it: Splitsider’s best sitcom episode tourney

1 Feb

Good stuff over at comedy site Splitsider. Three episodes immediately come to mind for me:

#3: Seinfeld, “The Marine Biologist” (Obvious.)

#2: Arrested Development, “Ready, Aim, Marry Me” (Key quote: Uncle Jack’s “To the nuts!”)

#1: The Office (BBC), “Training” (“Free Love Freeway” … “There’s been a rape up there!” … “Two lesbians, probably. Sisters. I’m just watching” … I could go on. Best episode of the best comedy ever. Easy #1.)

I’m sure I’ll think of a ton more but those are my top-of-mind favorites. Best sitcom episode ever: what say you?

Kristen Bell: a charming emotional wreck

1 Feb

Since this is the internet’s #1 resource for news about both Kristen Bell and sloths, it is my duty to show you the video below.

Effective ad

30 Jan

Not sure what the photo is supposed to signify, Refinancing Ad, but you officially have my attention.


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